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welcome back to a brand new clash Royale video guys my name is Patrick hey hu Pat. today we're going to be checking out sneak peek number two for the newest update coming out inside of clash Royale which is of course four new cards coming out inside of the game every single update since clash Royale has come out has had new cards inside of it this is no surprise we're going to be seeing four new ones rolling out over the next couple of weeks. the very first one that's going to be coming out is the Bandit the Bandit is the newest legendary card coming out inside of the game it's three elixir. as you can see it has a special ability where it dashes. you play it on the battlefield it's three elixir. there's a decent amount of hit points but what it does is when it sees a target it dashes to it. while it dashes it cannot be damaged it's fairly interesting. . i'm sort of excited to see how people actually get are able to play it. to make it work but that's going to be the bandit right there I've got a couple of other new ones we have bats. bats they cost two elixir. it spawns five of them. they have a really small amount of hit points they really don't do that much damage as well that think of them. air skeletons that's the best way to describe that as air skeletons they're common. . i'm going to talk a little bit more about that in just a moment when you see another one of the cards. let's go to the heal spell the heal spell is a rare card that you guys know what it does it's a heal spell just the same as clash of clans I actually never thought we'd see the heal spell inside of the game but it looks like they want to bring it out. hopefully it's balanced because if you if the heal spell turns ridiculous I don't know how we're going to be able to fight against it it heals 176 per second for 3 seconds in a three tile radius which is pretty crazy at tournament standard. the heal spell is the third newest card come outside of the game. finally the fourth new card is going to be the second legendary card which is the knight which. the knight which is going to be like a regular witch except it spawns bats instead. fairly cool . i'm liking all these new cards unfortunately we can only show you the gameplay for one of them today which is going to be be bandit. . i'm gonna go ahead. battle against gala Don inside of a couple battles make sure you guys subscribe to him if you haven't already we're going to do some fun battles today but one final thing you guys will be seeing is that the bandit draft challenge now the bandit draft challenge what it's going to be it's going to appear for you guys. this is going to be I believe March 17th it's going to begin. it's going to be like a regular challenge but actually how they're making a difference. they're actually lowering the prizes a little bit to where the guaranteed prize is only be 700 gold the top prize is going to be 11,000 but check out the one-time rewards the right hand side. you can only get these rewards once but the very first time you do the bandit draft challenge you're going to get a hundred gems at to win.