if you get two wins you get refunded the entire cost of the Bandit draft challenge pretty nice you guys should be able to get two wins if you're watching my channel hopefully I've got taught you guys some skills. you guys should be able to get your money back at least for doing a bandit draft challenge at 8000 or at four wins you're gonna get 8000 gold at six wins you're going to get a chest at nine wins you can get 25,000 extra gold. at twelve wins you will receive a guaranteed legendary card. of course you'll get to bandit at 12 wins it's pretty cool what it's going to be as you pick four cards just like a regular draft challenge. you give your opponent 4. the bandits going to be inside of that. it's a really cool way to unlock a new card . i'm excited for it but you know what let's go ahead. show off that newest card unfortunately again we can't show off the heal spell bats where the Nightwish but . i'm going to show you guys abandoning it's called-- on. let's get into a couple of friendly battles re gala Don we are inside of the family tree . i'm not sure about this name but . i'm going to be showing you guys the bandit I've got an interesting deck right here this is going to be actually a little bit of a try-hard deck because I hope you guys don't tell gala but I got the furnace at the Elektra wizard I have the executioner. he's going to start with a bandit. check out the bandit the band is going to be all the way in the back. she's going to be actually interesting against the fire spirits I don't know if it's gonna work at levels look she's she's apt forward like that. while she does that she can't be damaged. she just ran straight to my executioner. it's going to be a good way for her to avoid a lot of damage. I need to bring my bandit out right now if people can show her off all right. I wonder if with that Elektra wizard how that's gonna work let's give this out she's just gonna walk up to the lumberjack because she's already close enough but take a look at that she's going to dive straight forward onto the tower doing a ton of damage. a that could work pretty well for us. gala Don's gonna have to find a way to respond right I'll play my own electro wizard again a little bit of a try-hard deck feel sort of bad about it but not really you got to be your dad. everything that you do Elektra was going to kill mine here it goes oh this is bad this is bad this is bad yeah what I was going to hit you with the execution or with a the Elektra wizard graveyard push with you.