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good ok he's using a pretty good deck as well. I don't feel. bad let's get into the rest of baton season pull out a band just win all right now he's going to play his bandit let's check out. the executioner's 5 elixir the bandits 3 elixir let's see how they interact he did have his power to help him out but the bandits gonna do a pretty good job. let's see us she walked up to the furnace she's actually going to change targets on to the furnace before the lumberjack comes over hmm that was an interesting interaction right there I wonder if she's going to be solid at all for just doing quick damage. check that out she's gonna walk up there. . i'm debating how I want to play this also my Elektra wizard. then the graveyard cell I was hoping you'd be able to adapt the tower we're not gonna be able to do that it looks like my bandits actually just going to get sort of stopped right there but we're still gonna damage that Tower down with a 390 HP . i'm not feeling the best about this battle we're still taking on massive amounts of damage the logs going to hit the tower now it's not going up the tower ok how are we going to get this done there's the bandit here's my executioner to counter here goes oh no here goes to his graveyard the spray bar can be. strong the electro wizards going to help us out the bandit is just like I don't know if the bandits doing actually the bandage like getting sort of stuck right there but now it's going to get on to the miner. this should be where we hope we make a game when you push all right giant is down everything is down right now you've got this electro wizard which is going to do it says I've got my log . i'm hoping to kill this electro wizard we killed the electro wizard which means this game should pretty much be over alright alright let's do a little thumbs up brand. get something he's gonna wreck us with . yeah I think this graveyard is going to beat down my right-hand tower pretty low my electro Wizards doing the best job that it can. responding a little bit of HP left fire spirits are going to run towards the tower that's going to be cheap well-played what did that Sanders run towards my lecture with absolutely a nice little win showing off the newest card inside of clash Royale all right that was in a pretty fun one credit zero let's go ahead. get into another battle Piazza can't get too confident . i'm going to throw this into a golden rocket execution or tornado deck I have no idea I really don't know exactly what the bandits going to synergize with maybe she's going to be good with something like a fast deck like a bait deck where you can use the Bandit to quickly lock on to the tower or lock on to something .